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majengo Residents Protest Eviction Notice


Majengo High rise residents today held demonstrations to protest an eviction notice issued by the National Housing Finance Corporation.

The seven day notice which expires on Sunday sites arrears amounting to over Ksh. 3 Million.

According to the National Housing Cooperation notice seen by Ghetto radio, the tenants are supposed to quit, vacate the premises by 24th September, 2021.  

The residents led by their welfare chairperson Saumu Saidi argued that they are not aware of the Ksh. 3 Million loan taken by NHC and that they have been paying their rents duly.

“NHC said that they are not in position to reduce the rent amount because they took a fifty million loan from cooperative bank, to build these houses. We were not part of that agreement. When they told us that they are building the houses we had it in mind that it was slums upgrading. They had not consulted us concerning the loan,” added Saidi.


They further claim that they were moved to the high rise buildings by the late retired president Daniel Arap Moi during a slums upgrading project.

“Hon.Moi initiated the slum upgrading plan in 1990, phase two was issued during HON.Mwai Kibaki’s reign,” said Saidi.

Initially the NHC had raised their monthly rent to 13,500 from 3,400 shillings a move they also protested.

“We are not in a position to pay the stated said arrears, previously we were paying 3,400 but now NHC wants us to pay 13,500. Most of us are jobless .We are asking the Government to look into the matter and help us out,” said Makau.


By Monica Wambui