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Majengo Victims With Bullet Wounds Now Appealing For Help To Settle Huge Hospital Bills

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Victims of the Majengo police brutality are appealing to to the government to help them settle hospital bills for the treatment of gun shot wounds they sustained.

Ghetto Radio met at least five family members whose relatives sustained bullet wounds in the skirmishes that were sparked by the brutal killing of a young man by police in Majengo.

John Irungu told Ghetto Radio News that his brother is stuck at the Kenyatta National Hospital with a bill of Ksh. 73,000 that accumulated during his treatment.

“My brother was a hawker, he was selling dawa ya mende kunguni , he does not have enough money to settle those bills, i too on the other hand only cleans shoes in Gikomba, i cannot afford to get that much money,” stated Irungu.

“Our MP Yusuf Hassan has abandoned us, when we reached out to him, he stated that he was out of the country,” continues Irungu.

Another resident Ramline says her 17 year old son by the name Abdalla also has a bill of Ksh. 74,000 at KNH when he was discharged on Monday last.

Ramline also claims that Hassan has abandoned them and that efforts to reach him have been futile.

Two people were killed while sevral others suffered gun shot wounds in the Majengo riots that lasted two days.

Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan only visited one family once and has never set foot in the area again.

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