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Maji Maji, Colonel Mustafa and King Kafu “Doing” It For The Ladies


kafu1The heading is sort of controversial because you let social media corrupt your English. I mean what could Maji Maji, Mustafa and King Kafu possibly do for the ladies? Kafu is kinda radical so he can do a lot for the ladies I’d say. Maji on the other hand is…..uuum ‘always the gentleman’ and gentlemen……..gentlemen are gentle men!!!! For “Mr.Loboko’s” case- it is obvious he got a million and one things to “do for the ladies”.

And oh yes, the two Ghetto Radio’s Morning Breakfast “Brekko” presenter just  did it for the ladies over the past weekend after they joined hands with other participants just to mention “Ogogos” our pilot by visiting inmates at the Lang’ata Women Prisons.

The three also made their visit worth while by donating food stuffs, clothing’s and other essential goods to aid the inmates raising their young ones in prisons.

This morning, Maji Maji who doubles up as the station’s general manager took to his Instagram handle to call upon local wananchi to support these women in the correctional facilities by buying their merchandise which will help them in easing their motherhood.

Maji also mentioned that some of these ladies gave birth whilst in jail, as others took their kids (to raise with them in prison) for lack of responsible fathers or relative guardian who would take care of them.

“This lovely colorful creatively made bag I bought at kshs.600 at#LangataWomensPrision. Those ladies behind correctional palace (Langata women Prision) make them plus other great stuff. Go and buy one/ some coz if you do, you not only give hope but the money supports their up keep & their children in prison. Some gave birth while in jail while some had to get their kids in absence of fathers/ guardians.Buy & support the women in prisons… You can contact me… I’ll take you there…,” captioned Maji.

This is only the beginning as it seems from Maji’s post. The call for their charity work in prisons has been possibly spearheaded by Kafu’s former crime life and spending a year behind bars. You can join the movement by contacting Maji Maji through his Instagram Direct Messaging , Twitter or even making it to our offices.

Am reminded that Kaploti was also on this vocational ministry.

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