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Majimaji Donates Books To Schools In Seme


Ghetto Radio Managing Director Julius Ondijo Majimaji has donated books to struggling schools in Seme in a bid to improve the quality of education.

Majimaji who is also the founder of Strugglers Movement in Kenya donated more than 500 books to more than 10 schools that are deemed to be struggling economically.

“I visited at least 10 schools within Seme Constituency and donated text books and revision books which other people refer to as Booster books. I used the struggling criteria to evaluate the schools that received these donations,” said Majimaji.

Apart from just donating books, the Seme Constituency Aspirant also helped the schools form focus groups for revision.

Each group will have at least three pupils balanced out with top performers of various subjects.

“We have also managed to form focus groups for revision in these school. The general intention of forming these focus groups is to aid the pupils in revision and also bring equity in the struggling Primary Schools,” stated Majimaji.

“While forming the groups we also took note of the various performances of the pupils in various subjects in a bid to bring equity by also sharing books,” he said.


Majimaji was also joined by the Kenya Charity Sweepstake CEO Yoran Farachi who also visited and helped him distribute books to two schools.

During the visit Farachi took note of the poor state of sanitation, classrooms and furniture at the schools promising to do something.

The vast Seme Constituency has quite a number of schools struggling with various socio economic issues ranging from poverty to human wildlife conflict.

The pupils promised to work hard and utilize the books to the fullest.

“We have been struggling with our performance but since we have received these books, we promise to stay disciplined and work hard in order to raise our mean score,” said one pupil.