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Makongeni Residents Demand Answers after Construction kicks off at Social hall

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Residents of Makongeni area in Naiobi are calling for answers from the county government after construction recently opened at the Makongeni Social hall.

The hall had burnt down in June 2018 and residentd blamed the fire on cartels whom they accused of trying to grab the land on which the hall sits.

A year after the hall burnt down, there is an on goin construction in the area  and Makongeni residents now want to know whether the hall is being renovated or if the land has a new owner.

According to local residents, the construction has been kept a secret and they are not aware what is happening.

“We’ve been seeing construction going on but no one has told us what is happening. We are sure the leaders know what is going on. Infact we suspect it has been sold to a church but we are not sure. All we want is to have our social hall back.” Said one local

After the fire incident, area residents accused their leaders of attempting to lease the land to a businessman or church hence locking the youth out.


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