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Makongeni residents to hold demonstrations over a two week power blackout


A section of Makongeni residents have threatened to hold demonstrations over lack of water and electricity for a period of two weeks now.

The residents say that they have been in darkness after Kenya Power disconnected power in the area.

“They first came, disconnected us from power and carried the transformers, we then sat down and dialogued with them and they brought back the power. They then came back and unfortunately without explanation disconnected us from power,” cried a resident.

“We have youth projects like chicken projects that cannot run without power. As we speak we have lost more than 2000 chicken to this blackout. I remember president Uhuru Kenyatta once told us that water and electricity are paramount during this time of corona. Why are they disconnecting us now?” asked another resident.

Early this year, Kenya Power embarked on the disconnection of illegal power connections in Nairobi with areas like Mlango Kubwa and Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums being plunged in darkness.

Makongeni is apparently not the only estate in Nairobi that has faced disconnection from power.

Approximately more that 30,000 households in Pipeline Estate have been without power for almost six days.

Kenya Power however says that the blackouts are as a result of crackdown on illegal power connections in Nairobi.

The company has however promised to review areas that are legally connected and restore power.