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Malala cries in parliament claiming his life is in danger – VIDEO

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Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala today broke down in tears as he narrated his desperate efforts to have his security beefed up after reporting that his life is in danger.

Malala told the senate committee on Justice and Legal Affairs that he does not feel safe walking on the streets of Kenya since he has had threats on his life.

“It is sad for me to walk around the streets of Kakamega and Kenya knowing that i am going to die the following day Mr. Chair. And the most painful thing Mr. Chair I see respectable leaders of this republic saying that i stage managed my arrest, that i even sent the police a pin number,” cried Malala.

The outspoken senator last month wrote to IG Hillary Mutyambai and DCI George Kinoti asking them to beef up his security following claims that a secret unit had been formed to finish him.

Malala claimed that the unit code named ‘Bravo Zulu Yankee’ has been formed to eliminate him.

“I am a young father and husband… It is very disheartening for people to sit in a corner and think they can take my life,” said Malala amid tears.

The committee has now directed Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai to enhance Malala’s security detail.




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