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Malawi President fires Minister over misuse of Ksh. 84,000 Covid-19 Funds, Kenya nayo…?

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President Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi has fired his labour minster Ken Kadondo for misusing 613,000 Kwacha (Ksh. 84,000) Covid-19 money.

Kadondo allegedly used the money to travel abroad.

The president has also ordered the arrest of all Public Officials who were involved in loss of us$7m (Ksh. 700 Million) COVID-19 Funds.

“I can assure you, everyone of you that there is no place on earth where these criminals can hide, the outrage and anguish you all feel from reading this audit report is not only righteous but also one that I personally feel. And now the evidence related to the 6.2 Billion is before us, am taking action.” Said Chakwera.

Chakwera who is also a church minister has invited the wrath of God on the Covid-19 funds thieves.

“I warn all the thieves working in the civil service to mark my words. If the finger of evidence points to you as one of the thieves that stole Covid money while hundreds of other people were dying of Covid, you are going to prison.” He stated.

Malawi’s action comes just as a shock to a section of Kenyans who still waiting for action to be taken against individuals involved in the Covid-19 scam at KEMSA.

A report by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) revealed that public procurement laws were flouted during the awarding of the tenders.

The report also recommended the prosecution of at least 15 top government officials over the alleged misuse of the billions of Covid-19 funds.

“Malawi will be surprised that in Kenya, we can’t arrest anyone for stealing public money. And surely, not for Kshs. 84,000/=. And especially those born into a President’s family like Kadondo,” lawyer Donald Kipkorir reacted while comparing the Kenya and the Malawi situation.


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