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Malawi Withdraws From CHAN and AFCON Competitions

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Malawi National Football

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has announced the withdrawal of Malawi National Senior Football Team from African Nations Championships (CHAN) and Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) competitions.

In the comprehensive executive meeting, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) came to the decision because the government of Malawi is said to be unable to fund the team in the two competitions due to the country’s current economic crisis.

The immediate recruitment of the Malawi National Senior Football team coach has also been suspended .The suspension will stand  until such a time that the Government will have adequate resources to fund such recruitment.

Being its core responsibility, FAM has confirmed that with the support and funding from FIFA and CAF, the federation will intensify and dedicate all its efforts and resources towards football development programs.

Meanwhile, Special emphasis will be placed on coaching, grassroots and youth football. Accordingly, FAM will recruit a highly qualified and experienced Director of Football to lead these development programs. This is according to FAM statement.

It is expected that the Director of Football is going to fully develop the game at the grassroots and youth level so that a strong Under 15, Under 17 and Under 20 National Football Team can be developed.

These are expected to feed in the Senior National Football team as and when funding becomes available. It is further expected that the Director of Football is going to train and capacitate the local coaches for them to take over able responsibility for the Senior National Football team as and when it becomes active.

Having considered all the available options, and in accordance with required notices for withdrawal, it was further resolved that the Malawi National Senior Football team be withdrawn from CHAN Competition by 31st March, and from AFCON by 30th April 2017, due to lack of funding.

However, FAM states to be fully aware of the negative implications including fines and suspension that such withdrawal may attract.

Despite that, in its consideration, such withdrawal and its negative implications could not be avoided looking at the current level of desperation that the Senior National Football team is going through  in terms of funding and overall support.


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