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  • Mali Safi singer faces backlash.
  • Many have since termed her “big headed” and lacking humility.
  • Her song “Mali Safi Chito” went viral thrusting her to stardom.

Mali Safi Chito hit maker, Millicent Jerotich fondly referred to as Marakwet daughter is currently wading through a barrage of attacks following her controversial remark “Shenzi” on Tik Tok. The singer muted her Tik Tok and lashed at her fans who had formed a habit of taunting her in the comments section.

Some of her fans have even threatened to unsubscribe from her channel to cut down on her digital earnings as a way of punishment.

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According to the singer, she had finally found the best way to deal with those trolling her by simply muting the comments section.

“Watu wa comments section eeeeh mnafeel mnafeel aje hiyo strike iko aje, how does it feel? Mmezoea kuongea mbaya mbaya sana kwa comments section yangu, hiyo strike imewafikia aje? sio lazima nikiwawekea comments mnakuja kuongea ongea ujinga ata mimi ni mjinga mwingine hooo!! my friend, mimi ule mjinga mbaya sana now poop, poop in my comments section… hiyo feeling iko aje yenye huwezi ongea, shenzi” she asserted partly.

However, many have since termed her “big headed” and lacking humility for her choice of words.

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Fans Reactions

The Tik Tok video of Marakwet daughter has since gone viral attracting reaction after the other.

While others faulted her, some stood with her noting that the negative energy directed towards her was becoming unbearable.

We camped on the internet and sampled a few of the comments below.

“Umejiharibia mapema”

“Fame needs humility”

“Mali chafu”

“Kiburi kitamtoka”

“Na hivyo ndio nyota huendanga masomo ni kitu muhimu”

“Kumbe enyewe kiburi inaandamana na sura”

“Quick fame has landed her into real trouble, she’s on self destruction mode stardom fading away so fast”

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“Ukweli usemwe some wakenya ndio walianza matusi surely she’s human alifaa anyamaze? Nobody has the monopoly of matusi #inatuhusu”

Marakwet daughter burst into the limelight thanks to her song “Mali Safi Chito” going viral.

She has since performed in several shows with her fortunes growing.

Recently, she was named among the highest earners by MCSK(Music Copyright Society Of Kenya).


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