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  • Mali Safi star Millicent Jerotich was married at 16 years had 3 kids before her marriage collapsed.
  • She started music at an early age and has gone through a rocky path in her quest for stardom.
  • Her viral song ‘Mali Safi Chito’ has since changed her life with several doors opening up.

Mali Safi star Millicent Jerotich popularly known as Marakwet daughter was married at the age of 16,  had three kids before her marriage collapsed by the time she was turning 21 years and has never dated to date.

According to the singer, she was going through a tough period in the hands of her stepmother coupled with abject poverty.

The ever-smiling machine added that she was an obedient wife despite her husband throwing her out later for unknown reasons.

She had to walk out of the marriage leaving her children behind since she could not afford to raise them.

“Nilijaribu na 16 years nikatoka na 21 from there sikuwai…tuseme situation yenye nilikuwa nayo ama hali ya maisha, hali ngumu ya maisha ya kukuwa katika mkono ya mama wa kambo ndio ilinilazimisha” she asserted.

Her husband was aged 24 years by then and also a school drop-out.

Ventured Into Farming

To make ends meet, Jerotich ventured into farming after saving some money by working on other people’s farms.

On her farm, she grew a variety of vegetables and luckily she had a bountiful harvest.

Despite being at the height of the 2007-08 post election clashes, she was able to sell the produce.

She put the money in another small-scale business as she waited for calm to restore.

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Her frugality saw her raise enough money which enabled her to undertake a course in tailoring.

It wasn’t a smooth sailing but she wethered until she became an expert.

Some of her friends held a fundraiser for her and she moved out from her matrimonial home for Eldoret town where she set up her tailoring business.

Millicent Jerotich also known as Mali Safi/Marakwet daughter PHOTO Courtesy


Road To Stardom

Around 2008, she vowed to record her music since was a gifted singer since childhood.

In her younger years she was the local village star as no event went down without her.

Due to financial constraints she had to secure a 20k loan which she used to produce her first secular album dubbed ‘Dan Kipruto’.

It came with another blessing for she was able to undergo training as an ECD tutor(Early Childhood Development).

However, the song that got her on everyone’s lips was ‘Mali Safi Chito’ a gospel song in praise of a loved one.

It was also produced through well-wishers who chipped in including its video.

The singer had been going through a rocky path after also being involved in an accident.

She had also stopped going to church questioning God’s presence.

So far, the singer has been receiving aid from left, right and center.

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In fact, fans are pooling funds to buy her a car in order to continue God’s ministry.

The singer has now set her sights on meeting the country’s president, William Ruto.

Indeed, life is what you make it, If you believe you can achieve.



December 12, 2023

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