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A Kenyan man based in Malindi, Kilifi County has opened up about meeting his American wife on Facebook.

Bernard Musyoki aged 37 got married to his wife Jan Spicer in June 2021 at the Attorney General’s office.

Musyoki and Spicer walked to the attorney general’s office and exchanged their vows.

He only bought a Ksh. 50 ring which his wife apparently did not mind.

“I don’t have a choice on who I fall in love with. She’s the perfect person, it just happens that she lives thousands of miles away,” says the Malindi-based businessman.

“I bought a ring worth Ksh.50 for my wedding and my wife used the one she had. She told me she didn’t mind the fact that I got a cheap ring. What mattered to her was me, her prince charming,” Musyoki narrates.

Jan Spicer however flew back to the United States the same year they got married.

Since then, the relationship has largely been virtual.

“We do everything together, we shop together, take walks together, cook together, sometimes I might encounter something interesting and she is the first person I want to share it with. This has made us grow fond of each other every passing day,” he says.

He however says that just like any other relationship they also have their own setbacks.

“Good communication is key, don’t let a day pass without communication. If you can meet each other’s communication needs, you can feel like your partner actually isn’t thousands of miles away,” he concludes.

The couple is set to celebrate their anniversary on the 4th of February.


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