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Man ‘abducted, raped by three women

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A 39-year-old teacher was hospitalised in Zimbabwe after a gang of three women kidnapped, drugged and sexually assaulted him before leaving him for dead on the side of the road, local reports say.

The man, from Makoni, in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, was left with severely bruised genitals and doctors at Waza Hospital found other signs of sexual abuse.

Police are trying to find the three women, who are allegedly part of a ‘sperm bandit’ gang, which preys on hitchhikers and travellers, sexually assaults them and sells their semen for ‘good luck’.

The 39-year-old man told officials that he was offered a lift in a dark blue BMW with South African registration numbers, driven by a man, as he waited at a bus stop on July 2, according to The Standard.

There were three women in the car when he was picked up, the man told police.

The man said that he was offered a soft drink while in the car, and after taking a drink he felt dizzy and fell asleep.

He said that he woke up the next day in a small, dark room with $120 in cash missing and with bruising on his genitals.

Two women then came in and demanded intercourse, but he refused. The women then pulled out a pistol, threatened to kill him and tied the man’s hands.

They forced him to take another drink before one woman removed his clothes and had intercourse with him, the man told police.

Another woman then had unprotected sex with him, despite pleas from her colleagues to stop, the man told police.

On July 4, the suspects covered the man’s face with a hat and forced him in a vehicle before dumping him on the site of a road at Maruta village.

Police arrived on scene after passersby found the man, and he was taken to hospital in stable condition.

This isn’t the first time so-called ‘semen bandits’ targeted a man in Zimbabwe.

In 2011, three women were arrested after picking up men on a road between Gweru and Harare. Police found 31 condoms full of semen when they were stopped at a roadblock.

Last year, three other women reportedly stole a man’s semen after forcing him to have sex with them during an abduction in Bulawayo.

In February, another teacher who was on his way to Bulawayo was kidnapped, drugged and gang raped by four women.


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