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Man accused of selling meat from stolen cows in Kisumu arrested

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Police in Kisumu have arrested a suspect who is accused of selling meat from stolen cows in Nyalenda, Kisumu County.

The suspect known as Ochieng was arrested after he confessed to the police and stated that he has been colluding with his colleagues to steal cows using tuktuk at night.

According to Ochieng the stolen cows are kept at Manyatta A and later in the night ferried to an unknown place in Manyatta B for slaughtering.

The arrest comes just a day after some rogue youths from Nyalenda yesterday destroyed butcheries in Manyatta over claims that the owners were selling meat from stolen cows.

Manyatta A community policing officer Francis Aluko told Ghetto Radio that on Monday night he got a call from the public that they have rescued a stolen cow at Koyango Market.


“On Monday at around 5am I received a call from from the public that they have rescued a stolen cow being ferried on a tuktuk. When I arrived at the scene I found the cow plus the tuktuk but the owners had fled. I later talked to the area assistant chief and we ferried the cow to Kondele Police station,” Aluko said.

Aluko said immediately after that incident, the youth from Nyalenda took the matter into their own hands and started destroying the butcheries.

“We reported the matter, took the OB but unfortunately we got information that the Tuktuk was later released without proper reason,”added Aluko.

According to Aluko, for the past one month, cases of cattle being stolen have risen so drastically within the area.

He concluded by warning youths to find other ways of survival other than stealing because once caught it may lead to death or arrests.



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