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Man Accuses Wife and Brother Of Plotting To Kill Him

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57 year old Sam Ifaya when he visited Ghetto radio yesterday

A 57 year old man is now fearing for his life after his family  forcefully detained him at a facility in Naivasha despite his critical diabetic condition for three weeks.

Sam Ifaya who is recovering from stroke says his wife, step son and brother endangered his life by placing him at  the rehabilitation facility without  proper medication to finish him in order to inherit his property in Ruai.

“My cousin woke me up at 7.30, they then put me in my wife’s car and told me they were taking me to Nakuru for a road trip. On the way they picked my brother Kssinger Ifaya and my step son.We however did not arrive in Nakuru, they instead took me to a house in Naivasha and left me there without my medicine or any explanation,” he said.

“The last time i tasted alcohol was in 1994, I only suffered from stroke last year hence i do not understand why my family brought me to this facility that only offers food once in a day. I know my wife paid my brother to get rid of me because according to her, i am an impediment towards her taking away my property,” lamented Ifaya.

A volunteer medic at the Full Life Transformation Center Dr Nelly Kamau told Ghetto Radio News that her three week examination of Ifaya revealed a sane person who was being held at the clinic illegally prompting her to report the matter to the police.

“I examined Ifaya for the three weeks he was at the facility, and according to me he was very sane and clean of any drug abuse. That is why i took up the matter and reported it to the police in Naivasha,” Dr. Nelly Kamau said.

Ifaya managed to escape from the facility yesterday (Tuesday) with the help of a caretaker. The partially blind old man says he walked for more than one hour before he could catch a matatu to Naivasha town and then to Nairobi.

“I want Ghetto Radio to announce my predicament because i have all reasons to believe that my wife, my brother and my step son are after my life,” he said.

Ifaya’s brother Kissinger Ifaya however turned abusive to Ghetto Radio, when approached about the, resorting to abusive and inappropriate language.

Ifaya’s sister Janet Ifaya says her brother has never shown any signs of insanity as claimed by the wife adding that she had not been informed of the rehabilitation situation.

Ifaya’s wife hung up on Ghetto Radio upon inquiries into his husbands claims. His step son could not be reached on his phone.




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