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Man arrested for attempting to defile his friend’s daughter

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An NGO in Kisumu County  has rescued a 16 year old girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted by his father’s friend.

Jackline Atieno sustained bruises around the neck in her desperate attempts to fight the man who wanted defile her

Nyalenda Young Turks Field Coordinator Felix Adinda says that Atieno was saved by neighbors who heard the commotion .

It is reported that Atieno’s father had come home with the friend while drunk the previous night.

They then spent the night in the house while the 16 year old girl slept on the floor.

“I was told that the guy came home with Atieno’s father at home while drunk. Since Jackline’s mother was not there and since they were drunk, they had to spent on the bed while the girl slept on the floor,” narrated Adinda.

“Her father’s friend later turned to the girl in the middle of the night  intending to rape her which resulted to a fight leading to the bruises on the girl,” said Felix

Adinda says he arrived at the scene immediately and called the police to help him.

“This guy really wanted to rape this girl. I found her with many bruises and everything in the house scattered. I rescued her and later called the police to arrest the suspect,” he added

The guy was arrested waiting to be arraigned in Court.


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