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Man Arrested For Hacking Several People In Mathare


Police have arrested a man in Mathare Mashimoni area for allegedly hacking several people with a machete in the area.

Brickstone Injili was arrested today by Huruma police officers following reports made at the station by area residents.

The residents claim that Injili has hacked several people in the area including women and the youth.

Viledi Mungala whose brother was hacked by the suspect says that he knows at least six people who have been hacked by Injili.

“I am here on behalf of my brother whose hand was hacked by this guy. I am here with Muli whose head hacked, another guy called butcher also had his head hacked, my other brother Malika was also stabbed by this man, he stayed several days in the ICU before he woke up,” said Mungala.

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Mungala says that there is another man by the name Kemboi who was maimed by Injili and cannot walk up to date.

Ghetto Radio so far saw three OB Reports at the Jonsaga Police Station related Injili’s case.

Their main issue with the suspect is that he keeps disconnecting the area from electricity and any opposition from the residents is met by anger and violence.

“We are tired of this guy, he keeps telling us that he is a murderer from the countryside and is not afraid of killing anyone,” says Mugala.

According to the residents, he has reigned fear on them and people are afraid of going about their businesses.


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