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Man Arrested Loitering With Gun And Ammunition Identified


Police have identified the mysterious civilian man arrested in Pangani Nairobi on Tuesday for carrying an AK47 rifle and magazine pouches on his chest.

According to the police, the mysterious man is apparently an AP Officer by the name Ezekiel Aming’a.

Police say the pictures of Aming’a were taken when he was crossing over to catch his vehicle which was in Muthaiga.

According to the police, the officer had left his rifle and ammunition in Pangani.

A section of Kenyans however questioned the police explanation saying that it is not adding up.

Some social media users questioned why the vehicle could not escort him to Pangani then take him back to Muthaiga.

Others asked why he had to wear the bullet proof jacket and ammunition on his chest.

“When he was arrested, the man claimed that he is attached in Daadab, how is he then an officer attached in Pangani arrested by colleagues in Pangani?” they further questioned.

The photos of the man had sent shock-waves among residents of Pangani at a time that Kenya is grappling with terror attacks from Al Shabaab militias.