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Man Beats Drunk Wife To Death, Carries Her Home In A Wheelbarrow


Police have arrested a man in Ugenya Siaya County for allegedly beating his wife to death.

Police say that 34 year old Kevin Onyango beat his wife to death after he found her drunk in a chang’aa den.

According to the police Onyango arrived home and found his wife missing, when he found her at a chang’aa den, he descended on her with blows and kicks.

“Kevin Onyango, 34, is reported to have gone home yesterday evening after a long day at work and found his wife missing. He looked for her frantically, only to find her at a chang’aa drinking den heavily intoxicated,” said the police in a statement.


“An infuriated Onyango descended on her with kicks and blows further immobilizing his 42-year-old wife Emmaculate Mayavi, who could barely stand on her feet,” further said the police.

He then put her on a wheelbarrow and pushed her home, where she is reported to have developed complications and passed away during the night.

The suspect is currently in custody at Sihay police station, being processed for arraignment to answer to murder charges.