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Man confesses to killing two cops in Kiambu

Man confesses to killing two cops in Kiambu


A suspected thug is being held at the Ngong police station after confessing to killing police officers in Kiambu last week.

The man walked to Ngong police station on Wednesday morning and claimed he was among the thugs who shot the two officers and robbed their gun.

The two police officers were attacked in Kibichoi area in Kiambu last week.


Police say the man has since named a number of suspects believed to have executed the last Friday’s murder.


The gunmen, according to witnesses, pumped four bullets into each of the officers before they jumped on waiting motorcycles and rode off.

They took away an AK47 rifle from one of the officers.

Crime incidents are yet to be contained in Nairobi and its environments despite intensified police patrols.