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Man cries for justice after wife mysteriously dies during delivery

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A man in Nairobi’s Sinai slums is appealing for justice after his wife died in what he terms as medical negligence at a local clinic.

Daniel Makau says that last year on 11th of December, he took his wife who was in labour at the clinic at around 7 am and went back to work.

According to Makau, his attempts to get information on his wife’s well being from the hospital while he was at work were not successful.

This prompted him to go back to the hospital only to be told that his wife died on arrival at the Kenyatta National Hospital where she had been referred after she developed complications after delivery.

“When at work at around 1pm, i tried calling my wife but no one picked my calls, but i was not worried because i left my wife in perfect health,” narrates Makau.

“In the evening, i picked my three year old child and went to the hospital with her, someone at the reception took me round the hospital wards but we did not find her,” he says.

Makau says that it is the clinic’s pharmacist that told him that his wife had been transferred to the Kenyatta National Hospital.

“When i called the doctors that had accompanied her there, they told me that my wife had unfortunately died,” he says.

Makau a father of two however claims that the hospital’s explanation on his wife’s death was not satisfactory. He suspects that his wife died at the local clinic but the clinic’s officials tried to hide.

“If I had known that the hospital was being manned by quacks, I wouldn’t have taken my wife there, because their negligence cost me her life,” he said.

He is appealing for help from the relevant authorities to investgate his wife’s death and bring the culprits to book.


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