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Man Dies after being electrocuted during a bath


A man has died in Nairobi’s Mukuru-Kayaba slums after he was electrocuted while taking a bath.

Thomas Ngunya Mwangi, a boda boda rider died on the spot over the weekend after he accidentally touched a faulty water heater as he was taking bath.

Neighbors say they only heard the man scream for help but when they rushed to help him, they only found a huge smoke.

“We rushed to the house where we met smoke engulfing the whole house. My husband kicked the door since it had been locked from inside but it was too late. We found him lying down half-naked with one hand holding the water heater. My husband switched it off but he was already dead,” she said

Confirming the incident, Nyumba kumi chairman Jacob Ibrahim cautioned residents to be careful when dealing with electrical appliances at home.

The incident came barely days after another man who was illegally connecting power from a transformer along Entreprise Road in Industrial Area died on the spot. The deceased hailed from Kayaba slum and was connecting electricity to Mukuru-Mariguini and Mukuru-Kaberira when he died. Landi Mawe area chief Patrick Weru also cautioned residents against illegal tapping of electricity.