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Man filmed torturing street urchin with fire arrested

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Police have arrested a 33 year old man who was filmed torturing a street urchin in Mombasa by burning him with fire.

Swabir Abdulrazaq Mohamed (33), who works as a security guard at Ajab Unga Factory in Shimanzi, Mombasa was arrested after the video went viral and caught the attention of the DCI.

A special team of detectives was then launched his manhunt.

“Detectives have since established that Abdulrazaq tortured the victim, for allegedly trespassing into the factory’s premises. Using a burning mosquito net, Abdulrazaq subjected the victim to untold anguish by burning him using the flaming drops of the net, as he whipped him using a plastic pipe,” said the DCI.

The victim who is yet to be identified had his hands tied and neck secured on an electricity pole using a rope.

He wailed in despair as he begged for mercy, from the visibly happy tormentor.

All this happened as curious onlookers milled around appearing helpless,

“Abdulrazaq alleges to have handed over the victim to two Police Officers, whom he cannot identify or remember the Police Stations where they are attached. However, we have since established that no such report was filled in any Police Station within Mombasa on the material day. Further, in the victim’s state, there isn’t a Police Station that would have booked him before he was treated,” further stated the DCI.

Detectives are currently looking for the victim to file his statement.

Meanwhile, the suspect will be arraigned in court tomorrow to answer to charges of grievous harm, with charges of attempted murder also being considered.


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