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Man Hunt Launched For Parents Who Assaulted Son With High Heeled Shoes

Security agents in Mukuru Kwa Njenga are pursuing two parents who allegedly assaulted and caused bodily harm to their 12 year old son.

According to Erick Ambuche, a human rights activist, the victim was assaulted by a step mother after he had failed to complete the house chores assigned to him.

The family has since kept they young boy’s ordeal as their top secret and since the incident happened the Erick has not been treated

“The mother of the child separated with the father 10 years ago and since separation, the two boys have been living with the father and stepmother. So it is reported that the boy failed to complete the house chores and was punished,” said Ambuche

The step mother is accused of hitting the boy with high heeled shoes causing him severe bodily harms.

The injuries sustained have since affected the victim’s mobility.

“We have not established the exact object used to punish the child, but the child but his brother had told us that she hit the boy with a sharp pointed high-heeled shoe,” Erick added.

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According to the Mukuru  Kwa Njenga  area Assistant  Chief Mr Munene,  the  matter  was reported by a social activist and as  security officers  they have launched  a man-hunt to the perpetrators. Munene says that he is pursuing the perpetrators.

“Our teams are on the ground, we are optimistic that we are going to arrest both the father and the stepmother for legal action because  we now consider  them as suspects,” said Munene.

The Chief further warned  the parents  from administering  corporal  punishment  that can cause  severe  bodily  harm, partial or permanent  disability  on the children.

“We recommend  that parents  should  use legal means to punish children, the parents  are advised  to love and anyone harmless  means to rebuke children, any severe means is commended and any perpetrators  or suspects  risks  though  legal  action, “said Chief Munene.

By Rodgers Oduor