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Manhunt Launched For Woman Who Attacked, Injured Policing Officer


Police in Nyakach are hunting for a middle aged woman who attacked, assaulted and injured a community policing officer during a raid that was done at her home on illicit brew in Kamgan area, Kisumu county.

Lydia Atieno Ndege is alleged to have attacked one of the community policing officers otherwise known as nyumba kumi officers who were conducting a raid on illicit brew at her home.

Police report, indicates that the Nyumba Kumi officer was seriously injured by that woman.

“It was reported by Chief of South East Nyakach Judith Omune that one of her policing officers was attacked and assaulted by woman whose home was raided for brewing  and selling Changaa,” reads the police report.

The report further states that the suspect had threatened to come back with some goons to burn the Nyuma Kumi officer’s home.


The victim with the help of the area chief is reported to have recorded the matter at Kodonga AP camp.

The police have commenced a search to establish the whereabouts of the suspect for legal actions to be taken.

This comes just a few months after the CS of interior Fred Matiangi ordered all chiefs to eradicate illicit brew in their areas of jurisdiction.

A number of chiefs have so far embarked on a serious search within the slums to eradicate and conduct arrest for those brewing illicit alcohol.

Last month, a notorious illicit brewer from Seme was taken to court and charged.