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Man jailed for two years for seducing Member of Parliament

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By Annette Amondi

25-year old Brian Isiko will spend two years behind bars thanks to expressing his love for a Ugandan member of parliament.

Brian fell in love with the woman who is almost twice his age and the feeling developed into an obsession.

He phoned her but she wasn’t interested then started texting her but still she wasn’t moved.

The woman,Sylvia Rwabwoogo, representing the district of Kabarole in the national legislature was not impressed by Brian’s insistent advances and decided sort legal help.

One of Brian’s text messages to Sylvia, which was tendered in court as exhibit read: “I love you so much and want to protect you. My love is for you alone and since there is no one taking care of you, I will do it.”

The M.P reported the matter to Parliament security and secured armed security.

Rwabwoogo then tricked Brian into meeting her at a café in a petrol station on Jinja Road.

On arrival Brian was arrested by the M.P’s security.

The young man was presented in court where the magistrate, Ms Gladys Kasamunyu, decided that Brian was remorseless, and sentenced him to two years for cyber harassment plus nine months for making offensive communication.


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