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Man Making A Killing From Sharpening Knives


A man who earns a living from sharpening knives in Umoja has revealed the huge amount of money he makes from daily from the job.

Jafari Molem who charges Ksh. 30 per knife says that on a good day he can sharpen up to 50 knives thus earning him Ksh. 1,500 per day.

On a bad day he says he will sharpen as low as 20 knives only, making him earn Ksh. 600.

“You can never lack a knife to sharpen unless you decide to sleep and not go to work on that day,” he says.

Molem’s main customers are mainly mama mbogas and butchers.

“For you to keep them, you must show consistency and dedication otherwise someone else will come and sweep off your customers,” he stated.


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