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The Man Who Prophesied The Naivasha Canter Tragedy

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wahome2Wahome Thuku is a political commentator whose sharp and divergent analysis of issues affecting the society has attracted love and hate in equal measure.

Going through his Facebook page timeline, would make it hard for you to know on which side of the political divide his inclinations are.

But one thing for sure is real on his timeline, his brevity in pointing out the societal ills and calling them by the spade.

One of those ills Wahome pointed out are the bumps along the Naivasha Highway that were erected right where Saturday night’s tragedy that killed at least 33 people happened.

In a post published on February this year, Wahome described the bumps as fatal telling people to expect horrible accidents on the spot.

“Today we observed as motorists were forced to cut speed from 100kp to 10kp in a matter of seconds to go over the bumps. Expect horrible accidents there, in fact start preparing for a fatal crash,” read part of his post.

Well, his prophesy seems to have happened as over 33 people perished on the spot when a tanker carrying inflammable substance exploded burning at least 13 vehicles.

Here is Wahome’s full FB post;wahome-thuku


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