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Man seeks compensation from Jubilee Party for using his picture on adverts

Man seeks compensation from Jubilee Party for using his picture on adverts

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In 2013, Michael Omondi from Mukuru slums was excited as the President  Uhuru Kenyatta would be visiting the construction site he was working at, little did he know that a photo of the fist bump he shared with the president would cost him.

What followed after the fist bump photo popularly known as (kugota), were billboards and posters on social media that showed that the president was in contact with the youth and understood what the youth were going through.

Michael popularly known as Drogba in his hood wanted to talk to the president about what the youth go through but he was not allowed to talk to him. However Drogba’s photo with the president is being used by the jubilee party in their campaign ads all over the country four years later even without his consent.

There are numerous billboards and social media platform with Drogbas face although he claims he was not consulted before they were put and he now seeks compensation.

Drogba, a NASA supporter further claims that from when the posters and billboards were put up, he was dismissed as a NASA contender for the post of youth Chairman representing youth from Mukuru as NASA party doubted his loyalty. To add to his frustration, people from Mukuru affiliate him with Jubilee claiming he is a sellout.

Drogba insists that he only wants to be fully compensated by Jubilee party for using his photo without his consent, for him to be compensated for losing the post of youth chairman in Mukuru area, and for the president to honor his pledge of helping the youth.




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