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Man Severally Molests 9 Year Old Daughter, Takes Her Into Hiding


man molest2A man in Kimaiko slums has taken her nine year old daughter into hiding after neighbours discovered that he has been defiling the girl.

Rahma Wako a human rights activist in the area says that neighbours who discovered that the man had been defiling the girl took her to MSF Clinic where she was put on treatment.

Wako says interrogations on the girl before her father took her into hiding revealed that she was not okay though she was shy in saying that her father defiled her.

“This girl’s mother passed away some years back she only stays with the father now. When i interrogated her, she told me that when she comes from school, her father bathes her,and then puts her to bed naked. She however shied away from telling me what happens next. When i asked her she just looked down,” narrates Wako.

“But from the way she walks, this girl does not look okay. She looks like she is being molested by the father,” she continued.

When Wako went to look for the girl the following week, she did not find her. Neighbours were also not willing to tell where she had gone.

The neighbor who first discovered that the girl was being defiled by the father also went into hiding following threats on her life.

“This woman is the one who had all the medical documents that showed that this girl was being molested now we cannot press charges against the father because we lack the documents,” said Wako.