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Man Shot In The Chest During CORD Demos Yet To Receive Treatment


man treatmentA young man from Mathare Slums who was shot by the police durign the Monday CORD demonstrations is yet to receive treatment.

Xray documents seen by Ghetto Radio News indicate that Simon Ayaya who is currently admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital has a bullet lodged near his heart.

His family says doctors at Kenyatta National are yet to do anything regarding the bullet that is still near his heart.

“The doctors are yet to work on him, he has only been given painkillers and up to this moment, nothing tangible has happended,” stated Ayaya’s relative.

His family however says that Ayaya who works in Muthurwa was not a participant in the CORD protests that turned chaotic on Monday.

“Ayaya works in Muthurwa, he only happened to have been caught up among a crowd of people who were attending the CORD protests. He got shot when he the police started shooting to disperse the crowds,” the relative said.