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Man Shot In Private Parts For Sleeping With Another Man’s Wife


man-shotHow far can you go when you find a man on top of your wife drinking from your sweet well? A man in Roysambu was shot on his private part after he was found sleeping with another man’s wife.

The owner of the house is said to have come back from work only to find the two romping away in his very nest and they got ensued in a confrontation. The licensed gun owner took out his gun and aimed at the fisi’s stomach but missed, hitting the very spot that had dared to terminate his well.

Neighbours said that the shot man screamed in pain dashing out before his assailant reloaded his gun. He hitched a ride on a taxi and was rushed to hospital.

KWS should think of setting up a branch at Thika Road because Team Mafisi have camped there.

Njoki Gachanja