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Man Stabbed To Death By Kibra’s Notorious Thug


A 45 year old man was stabbed to death by three men in Lindi on Sunday late evening.

According to several sources who spoke to Ghetto radio, the deceased was coming from his daily chores but was stabbed by three criminals.

“It was yesterday at 9 pm when the late was passing by this road. Three men accosted him and stabbed him severally. He later succumbed to death in hospital,” said a Nyumba Kumi leader.

One of the thugs has been identified as Ali who is allegedly a notorious thug in the area.

The Nyumba Kumi Leader who sought anonymity say that Ali is known for his criminal activities and always flees to exile to evade arrest.

“This Ali has been behind many criminal activities in the area.  The other time he did the same thing and fled to Mombasa with his three colleagues. The other three were shot dead but Ali escaped and came back to Kibra. Sometimes he flees to Uganda where his mother lives.”

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Ali is widely known in Kibra as a notorious thug who has reigned terror in the area for quite some time. He is feared to the extent no one wants to hear from him.

“I know Ali he is a very evil person.  Nothing good apparently comes from him..” said one source.

“Young man, Ali is not a good person, the police promised him a bullet in his head if he does not change his criminal ways. How dare you ask about Ali. Don’t you love yourself?” posed another woman.

The residents are calling on the government to move swiftly and restore security in the area.

 By Jeremick Joe


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