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Man Stoned To Death For Sleeping With Dead Daughter

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A 45 year old man was lynched after he was caught having sex with the corpse of his fifteen year old girl in Kiwanja Ndege village in Kuresoi.

The deceased, Hassan Lang’at,was caught pants down by members of his family and neighbors while in the act over on Friday 2am morning.

Sarambei Sub Location assistant chief Mr Joseph Ng’eno said the irate family members attacked Langat with crude weapons leaving him for the dead.

Lang’at was beaten mercilessly by members of his family after they allegedly caught him defiling his daughter who succumbed to brain tumour, said Ng’eno.

Ngeno said the standard six had been ailing at home after she was diagnosed with brain tumor. She died on Thursdaynight at around 8pm.

When she passed on, Lang’at is said to have been away in drinking sprees and when eh arrived, he mourned loss of his daughter like any father would.

Later, he is said to have directed the family to take the corpse to an isolated house within the homestead as they waited to take the body to mortuary for preservation on the next day, having been late.

Ng’eno said after her death that occurred at around 8pm, family members, relatives and neighbors gathered to mourn and console the bereaved and was later isolated and placed in another house according to Kalenjin community culture.

The father is said to have been in drinking spree during death of his daughter and on arrival, he ordered the corpse to be taken to an isolated house said Ng’eno.

However at around 2am, Langa’t frequented the house sending suspicion to members of his family, they went to check on him and were shocked to find him defiling the minor.

They cried attracting neighbors who rushed to find out what was happening and because of anger, they attacked and roughed him up mercilessly accusing him of indulging into ‘unbelievable act’.

He was rushed to St Joseph hospital in Eklburgon The iorate locals took body of the girl to molo hospital mortuary while the deceased was rushed to St Joseph hospital with serious injuries. He passed on whiel undergoing treatment.

He said the wife went to record statement at Mau Summit police post and that locals are meeting daily for cleanising purposes.

The motehr who is said to have joined the irate mob recorded a testament and police re conducting investigations, said teha sistant chief.

Nobody has been arrested in regard to lynching of the deceased.

When we visited the family, there was mood of sorrow and each members was shocked  about the incident.

According to a Kalenjin community elder who requested anonymity due to victimization, the family require cleansing. Women and children and elderly were gathered at the compound talking in low tones while as section were spotted preparing to receive the said elders.

According to the elder, four men aged above 80 years had been contacted from Bomet, Kericho, Nandi and Elgeyo Markwet counties to conduct the rituals.

The four men, according to culture, they are not supposed to arrive at the family at the same time and that they use different route to access the homestead.

After arrival, each elder goes to the house where the crime is said to have committed and anyone linked to it, will be allowed in the house, each will undergo the ritual.

According to belief, the children who attacked the father might not get married because it is against Kalenjin culture for anyone to attack their elders and more so parents.

Jared Nyakundi a neighbor said he heard cries from the homesteaded and on rushing, he found the deceased unconscious. He said eh was shocked because he has never heard such an incident.

I have never seen or heard such an incident, I went to the homestead and was shocked because it was my first time to hear about such an incident,” he said.

According to locals, during the beatings, the children to the deceased are said to have accused their father saying he had defiled them.

The children were confessing while beating their father that he has been defiling them after they caught him defiling their sibling, said a local.

the family however declined to speak to press in fear they would be cursed by elders if they spoke before cleaning process.

It is a taboo to speak about issue that is being handled by elders, we shall share formation freely with media after we undergo cleansing, said a brother to the deceased.


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