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Man storms boss’ office with a machete demanding five month Salary


A video has surfaced online showing a Kenyan man armed with a machete storming his boss’ office.

In the undated video,the unidentified man walks into his boss’ office asking to be paid his delayed salaries.

“Umekuja na panga? Weka panga kando kwanza, (You have come with a machete, put it aside first),” the boss asks

The man however retorts that he will not put down the machete even threatening to hack his boss.

“Niweke panga chini kwa nini? Nakuambia kabla polisi aingie hapa nitakuwa nimekuua, (I cannot put my machete aside, I tell you before the police arrive here, I shall have killed you),” the man says

The man goes on to say how he is tired and would like the boss to pay him his five month salary arrears on the spot.

“Mimi nataka mshahara yangu ya mwezi wa tatu, wa nne, wa tano, wa sita na wa saba (I want my salary for the months of March, April, May, June and July),” the man says

The angry man goes on to threaten another man of Indian origin who  as he insists he too gets into the office to sort out his salary issues.

The video ends abruptly with the man shouting while asking for his salary from the bosses.