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Man commits suicide by throwing himself onto oncoming trailer

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An unknown man has committed suicide in Umoja Three, Kwa Maji area by throwing himself onto an oncoming trailer.

The man threw himself on the road and was hit by the speeding trailer along Kangundo road at around 7 am.

“Huyu mjamaa alikuwa tu amemedi tu hapa, tunabonga tu na yeye… kidogo tu si trailer inapita yeye akajirusha tu chini ya trailer…The guy was just seated with me by the road side. He then saw an oncoming trailer and threw himself on the road. He did not say anything about committing suicide,” said Ng’ash an eye witness.

Ng’ash says that they suspect that the man was a thug since he was found with a knife in his clothes.

According to Ng’ash, the man might have discovered that he was being trailed by police officers the resorted to suicide.

“… alikuwa amejipin alikuwa na nyoi…. Huyu mjamaa labda aliona hao makarao akaona labda anasakwa. Sijui ni mdingo ama… )He had a knife in his clothes… So when he saw police officers, he suspected that they wanted to arrest him…. We are not sure if he was a thug said Ng’ash.


The trailer however did not stop after the incident.

“Makarao waliachilia trailer ilienda aafter walicheki huyu mjamaa alikuwa amejipi. So wakajua eti hakuwa mtu mzuri) Police officers let the trailer go after they realized that he had a knife. So they claim that he was not a good guy,” he stated.

Police could not immediately establish his identity since he had no any form of identification documents apart from a bunch of keys in his pockets.

The incident attracted onlookers who expressed their shock in hushed tones.

“Hakuna msee alikuwa anamesea, alikuwa anabonga na mamokoro hapa, sijua alikuwa anataka kuwatoka… (No one knows this guy, he was talking to some women here am not sure if he wanted to run away from them,” he said.

The man’s body has been taken to the City Mortuary.



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