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Man tortures, damages mechanic’s private parts in Ngara


There was drama in Nairobi’s Ngara area today when a man was attacked by a group of mechanics for allegedly kidnapping their colleague and torturing him.

The mechanics calim that the man allegedly took their colleague who works at a car wash next to their garage, took him to a house and severely tortured him to near death for allegedly stealing his laptop.

They say they found the man lying in a pool of blood in his house in Ngara after they tried to reach him through his phone to no success.

“This man accused our colleague of stealing his lap top, then him together with another colleague tortured him and damaged his private parts,” said a mechanic.

“We found him in a pool of blood, unable to talk or move, upon doing our investigations, we found the man who allegedly tortured him and marched him to the garage. His friend however escaped,” he said.

The angry mechanics than marched to his house, fished him out and reigned blows on him as they marched him to the garage.

Police came to his rescue and took him to Pangani Police Station.