Man wins Shs 10 Million after Correctly Predicting 46 Matches

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A Kakamega man has won Shs 10 million from MozzartBet after correctly predicting results of 46 football matches.

The 35-year-old Nickson Joshua Misiko placed the multibet of Shs 270 for 46 matches, and against all odds got all of them right.

Misiko is the third Kenyan to win Shs 10 million from Mozzart Bet this year. He will however only receive Shs 8 million after the deduction of 20 percent tax.

Receiving his winning cheque today from Mozzart Bet Head of Digital Marketing Frank Ochieng’, Misiko seemed calm and had an idea of where to channel his winnings.

The self-employed Misiko said he would use his windfall to expand his ICT business. “I sell computers and other computer accessories. I shall think of what to pump in to my business.”

The father of four joined Mozzart bet only two months ago after being attracted by its attractive sports betting offers specifically Mozzart Refund CASH BACK which pays players even after losing a multi-bet by only one match.

He has vowed to continue betting and encouraged others to also try their luck.

He said: “A year has 365 days and if you fail in one day, you shouldn’t give up.”