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  • Manizzo eyeing glory in football and music.
  • He is a football coach at Ligi Ndogo Academy as well as the Head Coach of Nationwide side, Embakasi United.
  • Some of his songs are namely:One Day, Sifa, Bega, Nitakucheza and One Call Away among others.

Meet Manizzo who has set his sights on attaining glory in both football and music and is already living the dream as a football coach, singer, dance and drama teacher.

The multi-talented chap scores another first by being nicknamed “Multy Talented” which goes in tandem with his midas touch.

His other name is Ossop and he proudly wears them all

Manizzo’s first love was football, it’s through it that he found refuge after loosing his parents early in life, 2002 and 2003 respectively.

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Being a gifted player, he was also privileged enough to land scholarships which catered for his education.

In 2005, he undertook a leadership course with a Christian organization and affirmed his desire to pursue football. As an extrovert it also provided  the needed interactions.

He ate, slept and drank football.

Manizzo’s exploits in football has since seen him become a football coach at Ligi Ndogo Academy as well as the Head Coach of Nationwide side, Embakasi United.

Embakasi United is formerly Wajiji FC which features in Nationwide League under the Football Kenya Federation.

So far they’re at position 10 out of 18 teams.

They have played 5 matches, won 2, lost 2 and drawn 1.

His camp is projecting on a good run noting their form, they won their last game by a solitary goal against “Burn” from Thika.

The match was played at Embakasi United’s home ground, Nyayo Gate A Grounds. It was a highly intense match which they had to win after loosing in Nyeri from their previous match.

Their patron, Majimaji was also present and had blessed them playing kits.

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Truly, by the end of the match, Manizzo and his charges didn’t disappoint him. The sizeable cheering squad from the home side also went home in high spirits.

On the future of Kenyan football, Manizzo notes that we’re in the right direction.

He goes ahead and reveals the federation’s efforts in training and educating coaches.

“Federation has done well to educate a lot of coaches of late so we’re on the right track” he asserted partly.

A jack of all trades and master of all, Manizzo at The Football Kenya Federation offices  PHOTO Courtesy



Manizzo is an Afro pop singer, dance and drama teacher. Several secondary schools have benefitted from his expertise.

He also fuses reggae and other urban sounds while sending out good vibes.

Music is his way of life while telling life stories.

Listening to his song “Sifa” it’s evident as he pours praises to everyone who’s working hard to feed their families.

His other songs are Nitakucheza, Messenger, Bega, One Call Away and For You To See among others.

Manizzo has also featured in a number of videos by Timmy T Dat such as Welle Welle, Atekwe, Pogna Matin and Tunakubali.

One of his main challenge is the lack of a management team.

However, he’s optimistic of better days to come.

Interact with him on social media Instagram @Manizzo, Facebook @Jab Manizzo, Facebook page(Manizzo), Twitter @Manizzo and You Tube @Manizzo including other digital platforms.

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