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Manyake hit maker Circuite set to make a major comeback

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Remember listening to ‘Manyake’ by Jo-el and Circuite back in the day and just thinking to yourself how someone could record and air such a song?

The song received such a huge backlash from parents and the clergy who called for the song’s ban from airing on all TV stations.

Well a decade after releasing the controversial Manyake hit song, Victor Gerald Wagana alias Circuite is set to make a major comeback on Ghetto radio.

Circuite is set to drop a mega hit on Ghetto Radio’s Brekko. When the singer talked to Ghetto radio’s Maji Maji the song was still at the mixing and mastering stage.

The question on many minds however still remains will the song be as controversial as Manayake was? And this being a social media age, would he allow his now grown sons to watch or even listen to manayake?

Circuite gave his life to christ a few years back so many are looking forward to his new hit to see if it will be gospel.


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