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  • Manzi Wa Kibera 67 year old boyfriend denies pregnancy.
  • The couple recently created a storm with news of the pregnancy.
  • Their relationship is one of the most criticized for their huge age difference.

Manzi Wa Kibera 67 year old boyfriend has denied the pregnancy.

According to the old man, he’s not responsible for the pregnancy and feels played.

He wants Manzi Wa Kibera to come clean and mention the man behind his alleged pregnancy.

“Apo nimechezwa kabisaa sababu hiyo hapana, haiwezi kuwa yangu ataa si yangu hiyo nimekataa kabisaa…atuambie ni ya nani” asserted Mzee partly.

Mzee further seemed shocked with the recent news of Manzi Wa Kibera being pregnant for him.

He pointed at his advanced age as an impediment to sire a child.

He further added that they were yet to carry out a pregnancy test to determine the same noting that they were yet to discuss on siring a child together.

Mzee disclosed that his relationship with Manzi Wa Kibera has been rocky.

On several occasions the old man would call Manzi Wa Kibera with his calls being unanswered.

Manzi Wa Kibera is also on record for going for long days without seeing her old sweetheart.

“Saa ingine hashiki simu sa ingine haonekani siku tatu” he explained partly.

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Another Man In Question

Mzee further added that he suspects Manzi Wa Kibera’s pregnancy came from another man he saw her with even though the pair didn’t see Mzee at the time.

“Nilimuona na kijana mwingine somewhere lakini yeye hakuniona mi nikalenga…namshuku sana pengine anaweza kuwa ni yeye ama si yeye” he continued.

Mzee shared his disappointment with Manzi Wa Kibera for the pregnancy maintaining that he’s at the brink of falling into depression.

However, Mzee opened up on forgiving Manzi Wa Kibera even with the pregnancy that’s not his.

The pairs affair is one of the most criticized relationship due to their huge age difference.


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