In summary
•Manzi wa Kibera scathingly attacks Bahati over Adhiambo’s vixen dues
•Embakasi East Mp, Babu Owino recently sent word to Bahati to pay her up
•Bahati steered off payment saga while marveling at song’s success

Video vixen and socialite,Sharifa Wambui popularly known as Manzi Wa Kibera has scathingly attacked Bahati over Adhiambo’s video vixen dues.

Taking to her Instagram,and in the company of the said Adhiambo’s video vixen, she shared their video while directing her anger towards Bahati.

“Baha unachoma unajiaibisha toa hiyo pesa we lipa huyu dame aende,sasa ni nini unavurutania na huyu dame Baha” she scoffed

According to Manzi Wa Kibera, the video model has gone through a turmoil in seeking her payment and it was time for Bahati to honor his word.

She further pleaded with Bahati’s wife, Diana B to aid in solving the matter.

“Simameni na huyu dame,huyu dame amechoka kudai hii pesa…sasa hii wimbo iko na two years…tutakuingiza CRB toa hiyo pesa” she added partly

All this while,Adhiambo’s video model nods to Manzi Wa Kibera’s statement.

“Kweli” a translation for, True

Their video is preceded by a footage of Embakasi East Mp,Babu Owino who also recently weighed on the issue.

As captured in the footage, the youthful parliamentarian requests Bahati to not only have a word with the video vixen but also clear the payment.

“She said she wasn’t paid then our brother Bahati can just talk to her and probably pay her” He said partly

For your information,Babu Owino is among the notable figures who made an appearance in the,Adhiambo video.

Others are Jalangoo, Jaguar and Eric Omondi just to mention but a few.

Bahati Marvels At Songs Success

As if not knowing the heat gathering around the song,Bahati went out celebrating the song’s success which has a whooping 22 million views on YouTube and still counting.

Despite acknowledging receiving countless of online tags for the song ‘Adhiambo’ ,he clearly steered off the payment stalemate.

Speaking concerning the saga,an anonymous media personality and music connoisseur maintained that, it’s all staged as Bahati had mastered the art of business in the new age.

“Hii ni kipindi buda,Achana na Bahati alisoma hii game kitambo sana…wanaskuma hiyo ngoma” He stated partly

Who’s fooling who really? Leave a comment.

By Steve Osaka.

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