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Kenya’s socialite Sharifa Wambui commonly known as Manzi Wa Kibra has been the talk of the town with her love affair to a sexagenarian.

She just celebrated the birthday of her older lover by uploading photos of them having a good time to mark ‘Mzee’ s special occasion.

Manzi is seen feeding ‘Mzee’ some cake as the two are comfortably seated on a sofa while the rest of it sits on the table with the number candles reading ‘66’ on top of it.

The rest of the room is decorated with balloons and confetti.

A few weeks ago, Manzi Wa Kibra who is  just 23 years admitted to warming the bed of the old man despite their huge age gap of 43 years.

Here are some of the reactions to Manzi’s post:

Amoh: Najua huyu dem ako na mkunaji sio huyu mfupa mkavu 

Ijahluo: Nikifikaa 66 ndio ntapata mtu

Steve Mulwa: This gender don’t trust them, she has seen a hidden diamond and after mission is accomplished mzae ajipange

Murigi: If clout chasing was a couple….Ama anangoja kuchukua ile gari yake

By Stella Anyango.


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