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  • Manzi Wa Kibera is expecting her first child with 67 year old boyfriend.
  • Their relationship has been riddled with controversy after the other notwithstanding their huge age difference.
  • Netizens are continuing to react to the news.

Socialite turned singer Manzi Wa Kibera is expecting her first child with her 67 year old boyfriend.

The couple’s photos and videos are doing rounds on social media with Manzi Wa Kibera’s baby bump evident.

In yet another video, Manzi Wa Kibera is captured in a studio session with hands running over her protruding belly with her Mzee enjoying the vibe.

It’s not long since the couple tied the knot at an undisclosed location.

Prior to their wedding, the lovebirds were embroiled in disputes with Manzi Wa Kibera alleging cheating by his Mzee.

This saw the elderly boyfriend accuse Manzi Wa Kibera of dumping him.

According to Mzee, Manzi Wa Kibera was running away from her after the realization that he had depleted his finances.

Mzee further claimed that the curvaceous vixen took off with his title deed.

However, it wasn’t long before the couple ironed out their differences rekindling their love.

The couple is the most talked about due their huge age difference.

When they announced their relationship, Manzi Wa Kibera was 23 with Mzee being 65 at the time.

Many opined that the relationship was not genuine but rather a clout chasing bid.

However, the couple affirmed that they were indeed in a relationship.

From wearing matching outfits, visiting exotic places and marking anniversaries, the couple served couple goals to netizens affirming their union.

The couple when they said “I DO” PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

The news of Manzi Wa Kibera expecting her first child with her 67 year old boyfriend has since taken the internet by surprise.

Many are continuing to share their remarks with disbelief.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Watazaa mtoto ako 19 years old with KCSE certificate”

“Kwani it was that serious”

“Mnaharibia kibira jina mwite manzi wa mzae”

“Wale watoto wanazaliwa na meno”

“We mzee umechezwa”



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