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  • •The old man states that Manzi Wa Kibera ran away with her title deed
  • He cites dwindling fortunes as the cause of the break up
  • Appeals for her return

Manzi Wa Kibera’s 67 year old boyfriend is a distraught man following the former’s exodus with his title deed.

The old man maintained that he’s not in a proper mental state as he was before.

“Niko sawa lakini si sawa kabisa ule tulikuwa na yeye ni kama amenitoroka ikanitia wasiwasi sana vile nilikuwa nakaa mbeleni sio vile niko sasa” Said Mzee

According to the old man fondly referred to as Fundi Kijana,he gave the title deed to Manzi Wa Kibera for safe keeping and now wants it back since she’s no longer in his life.

He added that his tribulations might have been as a result of dwindling fortunes.

“Nikipiga simu hachukui sijui anaona ni kama kapesa kameisha ya mwisho ata kuna title nilimpatia aweke sasa from there nataka anirudishie kama inawezekana,kama anaona hatuendelei aweze kunirudishia title yangu,” he explained.

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Heavy Drinking

Fundi Kijana further revealed that he had turned to alcohol to combat the stress that has been eating him up.

“Ananipea stress sana ndio sababu nakunywanga” he stated partly

To him,Manzi Wa Kibera should come back to her love nest and rekindle their love.

“Akiona anakubali tukae kama vile tulikuwa tunaendelea mbele mimi sina maneno na yeyee” he continued partly

He further added that his children had no problem with their relationship noting that all he wanted was a soulmate.

Migrate To The Village

With his sunset days beckoning,Fundi Kijana maintained that he was planning to migrate with Manzi Wa Kibera to the village, build a house and embark on family.

He’s still looking forward to their wedding having already bought a wedding gown for her.

On Manzi Wa Kibera recently introducing her new boyfriend,Chali Wa Kibera,Fundi Kijana termed them as just friends and nothing serious.

Will the old man get back his title deed?Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka.

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