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  • Manzi Wa Kibera’s “Tired Sponsor” hits the studio.
  • The pair have been captured at a studio with the old man laying his vocals.
  • Manzi Wa Kibera dumped her former elderly boyfriend, Nzioki popularly referred to as ‘Fundi Kijana’.

Manzi Wa Kibera’s new ‘Tired Sponsor’ has hit the studio in a bid to taking over the local music industry.

Taking to her Instagram, Manzi Wa Kibera shared a video at a studio with the old man laying his vocals with the former keenly following the proceedings.

“Supporting bae on his journey to be a musician, new song and video coming out soon” she captioned.

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At the start of the year, the voluptuous vixen dumped her former elderly boyfriend, Nzioki popularly known as “Fundi Kijana”.

Manzi Wa Kibera with ex-lover Fundi Kijana PHOTO Courtesy


Milking Ex-lover Dry

When reports of Manzi Wa Kibera’s departure from Mzee hit center stage, Mzee’s misery came to light.

The popular vixen turned singer was accused of milking the old man dry.

From the high-end spruced apartment, the old man found himself back in the shanty’s with barely nothing to eat.

The once bubbly old man full of life was reduced to a depressed and unkempt man.

In a recent conversation between Manzi Wa Kibera and Fundi Kijana, the former shared her wish to help the old man.

However, the old man was adamant and turned down her requests.

“Sikia vile nasema mimi mambo yako sitaki unanielewa” asserted Mzee partly.

A few years ago, Manzi Wa Kibera took the internet by storm when she introduced her elderly boyfriend.

The two proceeded to light the internet with matching outfits, visiting exotic places and also sharing couple goals.

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In between, they also had a wedding despite their union facing turbulence with allegations of cheating from either sides.

However, when the year began Manzi Wa Kibera introduced, Daniel Njau as her new man.

Now it seems Manzi Wa Kibera is slowly turning her new ‘tired sponyo’ to a musician after following the same route herself.

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