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  • Rashford reserved  the entire exclusive space to ensure privacy.
  • Loi hasn’t been seen wearing the proposal ring from Rashford again.
  • The pair dated for nine years before their first break up in May 2021 due to the pressure of the pandemic lockdown.

Manchester United Supporters strongly believe that Marcus Rashford’s reunion with his fiancée has had positive on the stars recent performance.

In recent times the United winger was spotted on a date in Manchester with with Lucia at a city centre restaurant, and club supporters believe his love life is destined to help performances.

The Expensive Night Out

Marcus Rashford and Loi out on a date in Manchester. (Photo Credit: Daily Star/X)

According to The Sun  Marcus hired out the cellar of a French wine bar that seats up to 18 people for his evening with Lucia, also 26.

Rashford went an extra mile  pulling  out all the stops to impress his ex – fiancée

He seemed unable to hide his contentment based on constant grinning. Pricey champagne added further luxury, with bottles at the establishment known to demand a £950 price tag.

Loi hasn’t been wearing the proposal Ring

Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi got engaged last year. (Photo Credit: Daily Star)


Netizens speculate that  Loi ultimately forgave  Rashford’s , or aims to determine if trust can be rebuilt.

So far Loi hasn’t been seen wearing the proposal ring from Rashford again.

Its quite clear that  Rashford  desires another chance based on the extravagant date experience arranged.

Netizens React

Online users are ultimately convinced that the United players reunion to his ex-fiancee is the best thing ever

Some comments are captured below

‘’Thankyou  Lucia Loi for your magic on Marcus Rashford.Please make sure he don’t run away from you again’’

”Some girlfriends bring you goodluck,example lucia loi in rashford’s life.whenever they are not together his performance will diminish . please loi dot go again’’

”Rashford should never break up with lucia until he decides to end his professional”

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