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  • Marriage is not an achievement, Sanaipei Tande.
  • Sanaipei recently celebrated her 20th anniversary in the music industry.
  • She has a new album in the offing as well as an upcoming role in a Netflix film.

Veteran singer and actress Sanaipei Tande has termed marriage not being a life’s achievement noting that it’s time the society changed its views on the same. She further added that she does not in any way feel the societal pressure to raise children affirming that marriage and raising kids is not for everyone.

According to Sanaipei, outside forces dipping their noses in her marital issues don’t stress her since her own family is okay with her choice.

In addition, Sanaipei gave several reasons why people choose not to bear children. She touched on infertility, having certain genetical illness where a person may not want to pass it to an offspring and our bodies uniqueness where some lack the enthucism to bring forth children.

The evergreen singer further added that people pressure others to have children when in real sense they won’t be there to offer any kind of support to the child’s upbringing.

“Huyo mtu anakwambia hujazaa hatakusaidia kulea huyu mtoto…You know it suddens me to see that there are people out there who still look at marriage as an achievement or look at marriage as like the end goal in life” she asserted partly.

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Going Back To College

Sanaipei further revealed that one thing she misses is continuing with her course in pharmacy which she deferred.

She still thinks that that would have been the best decision then. She had started making money as a teen star and it kept flowing thanks to Coca-Cola Pop Stars.

With the death of her group, Sanaipei had to trudge on only hoping for the best. Eventually it paid off with a career that spread to media and acting. It’s also long since she had a conversation with her former band mates, Pam and Kev.

Revived Acting Career

Sanaipei is the perfect example of “Multi-talented” whatever she lays her hands on turns to gold. The Kwaheri singer had some good news to her acting fans with a revival of her acting career.

Already she’s shooting an upcoming film set for Netflix, she also has a new album set to hit the market soon.

On why she took her acting break, she went ahead and emphasized on taking rests to beat lethargy and burn-outs occasioned by rigorous diaries.

While summing up, Sanaipei had her last words to today’s kids who use social media to through expletives her way over her age. Staying longer on the planet is a rare gift and blessing from our maker which should not be taken for granted.



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