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Martha Koome Asks IEBC To Address 2017 Systematic Issues Before Polls

Chief Justice Martha Koome has asked the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission to address the systematic issues raised by the Supreme Court in 2017 that led to the nullification of presidential results.

Koome stated that it is important that IEBC also explains to Kenyans how it has been able to address the issues before it manages the August 9 Elections.

Speaking at a breakfast meeting with News Editors, Koome stated that the Supreme Court will further engage the IEBC on issues raised in 2017 ensure integrity in the transmission of election results.

“Our expectation is that IEBC is consciously working to ensure its processes meet the demands of the principles of our electoral system as elaborated in articles 81 and 86 of the constitution,”

“And more importantly is that IEBC will be able to explain to Kenyans how they have been able to look into issues that were identified by the Supreme Court as days go by.”

She also emphasized the need to address proactively the issues emerging during this time that the commission is conducting an audit on its voter register to avoid complications in future.

“I am aware that there is an ongoing audit of the voter register. Any emerging challenge with respect to the voter register ought to be addressed proactively in consultation with the stakeholders including the political parties and other actors in the electoral process,” she said

Koome’s sentiments just come after UDA raised concerns that almost one million voters on tits strongholds had been deleted from the IEBC register.

Meanwhile Koome has reiterated the Judiciary’s preparedness to handle the election disputes that might emerge after the elections.

According to Koome the decentralization of the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal helped a long way in solving nominations dispute.

The Judiciary apparently handled only 168 disputes from the party primaries. Out of the 168, only 29 were taken to the High Court and only one proceeded to the Court of Appeal.

“I must commend the political parties for resolving most of the disputes. Not much violence was experienced during the party primaries,” she said.