In summary

  • Masauti demands to be accorded respect by Kelechi
  • He advises Kelechi on the importance of appearance and branding
  • Fans allege that Masauti is trying to resurrect Kelechi’s music

High flying coast based singer, Masauti is breathing fire on his fellow countryman, Kelechi Africana for reportedly disrespecting him.

Through a Facebook post a fortnight ago, Masauti reminded Kelechi that he should accord him respect whenever he mentions his name.

“Hello fellow artist #Kelechi  mi unajua kabisa sio mtu wa maneno so pale unapotaja jina langu weka heshima ndani yake,” stated Masauti.


Pay Attention To Appearance And Branding

The case hitmaker further advised Kelechi to pay keen attention to his appearance and branding for easier business prospects as an artist.

“Alafu nikushauri kidogo…kupendeza ni jambo muhimu sana kwa msanii inaonesha how serious uko katika kazi yako hata watu wanaotaka kuassociate na wewe inakuwa rahisi,” he continued.

He went further and added that it’s not a must to have money for one to look fashionable.

Masauti maintained that from the time he lacked cash upto now that he’s able to make quite considerable amount of it, he has always tried to dress like a star.

“Be smart wacha maneno ya pesa coz mi siamini ati mpk uwe na pesa ndio upendeze ni tabia kuwa smart mana kwangu mimi toka sina pesa mpk sahi niko nazo hizo kidogo unazo sema ndio naendelea kupendeza🤝 so respect Bro tufanye mziki tu tusaidie familia zetu maneno tuchoree” Summed up Masauti with a photo of a dwarf Chinese.

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Fans Term The Beef ‘Fake’

According to a section of netizens,Masauti’s beef with Kelechi is all made up and a ploy to ressurect the latter’s music career which has been on a downward spiral.

To them this is another clout chasing bid with a collaboration of the two in the offing.

“Hio ngoma mwaitoa lini maana siku hizi ndio dizaini ya kiki,” fired one fan.

“Huyo dogo ndo Kelechi sio 😂😂😂😂” flew another comment.

“Wana mrudisha ndani ya maji samaki alie kufa ili afufuke tafakari,” shot another user.

Masauti is arguably the biggest musical export from Mombasa at the moment.

He’s been on a roll releasing hit after hit, currently he’s enjoying the success of his Ep dubbed ‘This is me’ with the runaway song,Case enjoying considerable airplay.

On the other hand,Kelechi has been playing follow up and is a pale shadow of Masauti.

His biggest song, Ring was released four years ago.

By Steve Osaka.

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